22 People Whose Wild Imagination Gave Life to Crackerjack Tattoos

Tattoos have different purposes: some of them are magnificent body decorations, some turn scars and birthmarks into masterpieces, and the others demonstrate tight relationships between people. But there are some tattoos that look 100% creative and even funny. These are the cases when the imagination of a tattoo artist and a future tattoo owner has really run wild.

AZtag is so inspired by these cute tattoos, we just can’t help but want to get one too. Cheers to these people who have a great sense of humor and a backpack full of creativity.

22. A unique chance to get a unique tattoo

21. Really elegant, nice, and informative

20. A quick reminder for those who love speed

19. For those who always forget something

18. True patriotism

17. You never know when you might need a ruler!

16. When your finger resembles Homer, you can’t help but get a tattoo:

15. When you’re a bad guy deep down:

22 People Whose Wild Imagination Gave Life to Crackerjack Tattoos

14. She just wanted a mustache.

13. Your name will always be with me.

12. True gentleman

11. Nice detail

10. For those who don’t like wearing shoes:

9. When a tattoo matches perfectly:

8. In case you confuse left and right:

7. When you adore your job:

6. When going bald isn’t a problem:

5. Old school trick

4. Harmonious minimalism

3. When your inner cat wants to get out:

2. A tattoo artist helped a guy find light in a bad situation.

1. Pacman’s gotta eat.

Bonus: Can you solve this puzzle?

Any ideas what this tattoo riddle means? Share your thoughts!

Preview photo credit unknown user/ imgur, pretaesanto/ instagram