15 Photos Only People With Nerves of Steel Can Look at Calmly

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If you think there are no more situations that can take you by surprise these days, you’re completely wrong. We bet you’ve never seen a soap dispenser that resembles a nose or a toilet seat with real teddy bears embedded into it.

AZtag gathered 15 photos that will leave you feeling confused, to say the least.

15. Just imagine if it rains…

14. A refreshing cocktail

13. “That’s what happens when you underestimate me.”

12. Zoidberg would love it.

11. When you’re hungry for art:

10. No one can disturb you now.

9. Genius

8. There are no hopeless situations.

7. Just a nose soap dispenser, that’s all.

6. The perfect family picture

5. When you have only 1 minute to fix a problem:

4. “Don’t outrun me.”

3. A toilet seat with real teddy bears embedded into it

2. “I’m coming.”

1. When you’re obsessed with McDonald’s:

Can you remember any situations or things that surprised you? Share it with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit sturti